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Gout Arthritis Diet

A gout arthritis diet is one which is low in purines. While doctors used to frequently suggest eliminating purines as much as possible, they now recommend modifying your purine intake and keeping it at a reasonable level. This diet will be heavy in dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. You will need to drink a lot of water and fruit juices. Your proteins should be more from vegetables than from meats, which need to be limited to around six ounces per day. It would be a very good idea for you to go online or buy a book which lists all foods and their purine levels.

Certain foods should really be avoided when you are on a gout arthritis diet. Organ meats (heart, brains, kidneys, liver, sweetbreads), certain fish and seafood ( scallops, mussels, herring, mackerel, sardines , anchovies), rich gravies, bouillon heavy cream, bacon, and wild game (including duck and goose) are best left untasted.

You can eat small quantities of certain foods once a day (but not all of them at once) even though their purine levels are a bit on the high side. Examples of this would be poultry, meat and fish that aren’t on the list above, whole grain breads, pasta and rice, oatmeal, legumes/dried beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, asparagus, or spinach.

Your goal is to never go over one hundred grams of protein a day. Figure it on the basis of seven grams equaling one ounce of meat. But don’t forget that there is protein in legumes, dried beans, and nuts, too. Half a cup of grain, or a slice of bread will also contain around three grams of protein. These foods are good for other aspects of your health, but moderation is the key word for a gout arthritis diet. And forget about beer. It has a high yeast content that is very bad for gout. No alcohol is good for gout, but beer is by far the worst.

You can have larger portions when eating cheese, low fat milk and eggs, which are high in protein but contain rather low purine levels. Tests seem to indicate that people who eat large amounts of dairy products and fruits reduce the risk of having gout attacks by fifty per cent.

Don’t forget to exercise daily, drink plenty of water, and watch those purines on your goat arthritis diet. Your flare-ups will decrease in number and intensity, and not last as long. They may even go away!


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