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Sticky: Gout Foods That Are Good For Your Condition

Gout Foods That Are Good For Your Condition

If you have gout, you know how painful and disruptive it can be in your life. Because the attacks and flare-ups give you little or no warning, you are suddenly incapacitated by blinding pain that can last from mere minutes to many days. Soaking, heating, icing…nothing seems to alleviate the pain. Who would ever think that simply scarfing a pint of strawberries or cherries for a few days would ease the pain so effectively? Maybe it is time that you learned about gout foods that are good for your condition.

Veggies Are Great

You need to eat a lot of vegetables, as they alkalize, lowering the pH and thus aiding in the neutralization of uric acid. But some vegetables are better for you than others. Odd as it may be, tomatoes, when eaten in large amounts, can cause a gout attack. And even odder, small tomatoes appear to be more harmful than the great big ones. So Grab a beefsteak tomato and forget those grape and cherry tomatoes! Legumes, including all dried beans should be eaten, but always in moderation.

Good Gout Foods

All fresh and canned fruits and fruit juices that are 100% natural are good gout foods. When you eat pasta, rice, cereals (both hot and cold), or bread, it should be whole grain. Don’t serve it with heavy sauces, gravies, cream, or too much butter. Fats should be eaten moderately. And since yeast is not good for gout, you really want to stay away from those super fluffy breads.

Dairy Products Are Also Good

Dairy products also make good gout foods. Milk (skim or 1%), low fat cottage cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese are all okay. So are yogurt and most cheeses, as long as you use low fat varieties and limit your portions. Go ahead and eat eggs, but limit the egg yolks to three or four a week.

Meat should be eaten in smaller amounts; no more than six ounces per day. Beef, pork, lamb and veal should have fat trimmed off. Chicken is fine, but remove the skin, and avoid duck and goose, with their high fat content. Even turkey should be limited in quantity. Choose the less fat varieties of fish and shellfish, and try not to eat them floating in butter.

Limit Things Like Peanut Butter & Nuts

Limit your intake of nuts and peanut butter, but have at it when it comes to herbs and spices. Drink all you want of water, skim milk, and sugar-free soft drinks, but go easy on the coffee and tea. Stick with the gout foods that are best for you, and you will be feeling better soon.

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